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BOUNTY | A Fruiting Bodies Tarot Coloring Page

A sneak peak illustration for the continually unfurling Fruiting Bodies Major Arcana Tarot Deck collaboration with Rikki Longino at The Mobile Moon Coop. Perhaps a print-it-yourself outline of a bodacious harpy, cow, turkey, mushroom, chimera lady for you to color in as you like will help you through your day --may you be filled with thoughts and feelings of the various ways in which your cup overfloweths whilst you fill it in!

You can download this file for free here:


BOUNTY | A Fruiting Bodies Tarot Printable Postcard Sheet

As ^above^, so below!
Here be an 8.5" x 11" page size printout of a 4-up postcard of the Bountiful harpy in black & white for you to print out at home*, color in, cut into 4 postcards, write a love(ly) letter to a pal, and send them off in the mail during these stay-at-home times. Reach out to someone! Support the Postal Service!
-Guide lines are removed on the PDF download. Cut the page in half on both edges.
*printer setting to Quality and on cardstock paper recommended!

You can download this file for free here:


O'Yeah | Signal App Sticker Pack

34 unique expression stickers to be used in the Signal App!