The Mobile Moon Coop

The Mobile Moon Co-op is a female and queer collective that strives to aid communities and ecosystems through education, empowerment, and botanical stewardship.
Oona is a member of the Mobile Moon Coop, contributor to the coop's zines, and co-creator of The Fruiting Bodies - Major Arcana Tarot Deck with MMC Founder, Erika 'Rikki' Longino.
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The New Moon Mycology Summit

The New Moon Mycology Summit connects varied disciplines that go beyond the Fungal Queendom in a multidisciplinary summit bringing together subjects like Mycology, Social Justice, and Earth Skills in an extended weekend of education and experience.
Oona worked with The Mycelium Underground crew to design the 2019 event's t-shirt imagery and participated in setup, fascilitation, and clean-up at the event site.
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WonderFool Productions

WonderFool Productions – a nonprofit arts organization – engages communities in dynamic, educational, collaborative and entertaining public art experiences. They bring together organizations, schools, businesses, and individual artists to create free and uniquely vibrant art events and workshops in the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti communities. Their events celebrate diversity, connect people of all ages, and build community through shared creative experiences.
WonderFool Productions produces two Ann Arbor events each April: FestiFools and FoolMoon, and has recently partnered with the Ypsilanti community to create a new fall-season event: ypsiGLOW.
Oona has worked with WonderFool Productions in all three events they produce, creating various installations and performance pieces for the free-for-the-public events.
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