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creates artwork to transport the viewer through various realms, exploring the themes of nature, symbolism, the subconscious, magic, and how humans fall into and around these concepts; art being the figurative bridge for crossing over the chasm of that which has perhaps not yet been perceived.
Oona was born and raised in rural Indiana, USA and spent most of her childhood superimposing more interesting concepts over the endless sea of mono-crop fields. She enjoyed an isolated home life juxtaposed wildly by the loud abundance of her many, many wonderfully dynamic siblings and swarms of lady bugs.
Initially focused on two-dimensional drawing and painting, she has in recent years been flexing performative and public art muscles with great enthusiasm and positive feedback.
Exploration of macrocosmic/microcosmic & inner/outer parallels is a perennial fascination, be that through human/natural world relationships, waking/dream life, or mythical/real existence, somewhere in the linework and detail, the conceptual edges get blurry.
The use of prescriptive lenses help make this easier.
​She is a member of The Mobile Moon Coop, based in Salt Lake City, which is a female and queer collective that strives to aid communities and ecosystems through education, empowerment, and botanical stewardship. In collaboration with the founder, Rikki Longino, they are also working at present on a Major Arcana tarot deck together called The Fruiting Bodies Tarot.
​Oona is also highly committed to the environment, social justice and community resilience. Oona recognizes that she currently lives on occupied Meškwahki·aša·hina (Fox), Peoria, Anishinabewaki, Bodéwadmiakiwen (Potawatomi) land. She makes every attempt to use found and/or natural materials for her pieces to both not contribute to being overly consumptive, as well as creating art that is safe for her to work with, the audience to enjoy, and the land to consume when it gets left outside. If you are a part of something larger than yourself and "doin' the good work", she'd love to work with you in whatever capacity you are able. Due to not-so-recent systemic issues coming to a head, Oona is committed to her continued involvement with the Mobile Moon Coop, who raises funds made each month from their work to various organizations (listed on the main page mxnu) to create a sustained flow of support to underserved communities. She also encourages you to check out their work directly as well! Mutual aid is the name of the game.
Oona fills the rest of their time gardening, growing herbs, getting crushes on fungal phenomena, brewing potions, going on nature walks, spending quality time with lovely people, bicycling, lying about like a philosophical lump, and pondering life's mysteries.
If you find yourself interested in contacting her with questions, concerns, commission inquiries, collaborative proposals, or whatever reason really, you may do so through the Contact page.
*Photo taken by Bryce Westman